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War Memorial - Fireplace Park

An updated version of the Honor Roll list of names may be found at: .  As the committee continues to develop the Memorial, this list will be revised.

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War Memorial at Fireplace Park, Brookhaven, NY

Fireplace Park War Memorial

The BVA is pleased to let you know about a plan to create a memorial at the Brookhaven Hamlet triangle to honor our residents who fought in the nation’s earliest wars: the American Revolution, the War of 1812, the Civil War and the Spanish American War.
The Fire Place History Club and the Post-Morrow Foundation are collaborating in this effort.
The Brookhaven Fire District, which owns the site, has given its endorsement.  The FPHC & PMF want to be as complete and accurate as possible in listing those who served. They are asking you to submit the names of soldiers who served in those wars while they were Brookhaven Hamlet residents, along with any documentation to verify these facts.
Documentation might include service, census and family records; photographs; and stories handed down through families. So discuss this with family, friends and neighbors, and rummage through the attic. Then send your nomination and support material to:              
18 River Lane
Brookhaven, NY 11719
The goal is to have the new memorial in place for the 2015 Memorial Day Parade. To help insure this can happen, the deadline for submittals is July 31, 2014.

Thank you so much for your help and enthusiasm!
Marty Van Lith, BVA Historian

The below is a list of known Fire Place (Brookhaven & Southaven) residents who served in these wars:


Richard Corwin
Nathan Rose Barteau
Nathaniel Hawkins
Zachariah Hawkins
Isaac Homan
Jonathan Howell
David Hulse
Scudder Ketcham
Barnabas Rider
Rev David Rose
Jessie Rose
Capt. Nathan Rose, Jr.
Lieut. Thomas Rose
Daniel Terry
Richard Terry

WAR OF 1812

Richard Corwin, Jr
Jeptha A. Wilkinson


Henry E. Ackerly
William N. Ackerly
Ebenezer Albin
Daniel Carter
Ellias Cooper
Jonas Gildersleeve
Alfred C. Hawkins
Charles A. Hawkins
George M. Hawkins
Samuel A. Hawkins
Horatio Mott
George R. Smith
Josiah Smith
Moses Swezey
Stephen J. Swezey
Albert Wilkinson

 John Bond

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