Saturday, January 21, 2017

FW: Faith McCutcheon (Part 2)

Part 2 (continued from Part 1)


Faith uncovering Priest Rose's headstone:


Faith and Ben at Ben's 82nd birthday party in 2007:


Faith at our recently found David Hawkins Cemetery 1994:





Faith with son David at the Memorial Day parade in 2008:


Faith and Gloria Brown at the Azel Hawkins Cemetery in 2010:


Faith and Ron at the Rose Cemetery 2008:


Faith with Catherine Kellogg circa 2000:


Faith and Ben looking for the foundation of Priest Hawkins house:


Faith dumping some of the 3,000 oyster spats we raised in 2004:


Faith with Charlie Brown 2004:


Faith and her sister Phebe in 2009:


At the Old South Haven Church yard sale:


Thank you Faith! 










Faith McCutcheon (Part 1)



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Dear All,


Unfortunately, I have sad news to report. Faith McCutcheon passed away on Wednesday. She was 94. Her daughter Katie said that the family does not plan to have a wake or memorial service. However, there may be something from a community organization sometime in the future.


A little of my background knowing Faith. I had known Faith's husband David from Brookhaven Lab but didn't really know Faith until one day in 1988 when we met doing roadside and Marsh cleanup at the end of Beaver Dam Road. Shortly afterward, we both joined the BVA and began a friendship that lasted until her death on Wednesday. She loved to share her history and the history of our beautiful hamlet. We spent 20+ years together doing this. 


Faith's maiden name was Champlin, her father's family were dairy farmers in Bellport:  


Her mother was Phyllis Fraser, Malcolm and Katherine Church Fraser's daughter.


Her childhood friend, growing up in Brookhaven, was Tom and Elisabeth Post-Morrow's daughter, Betsy.


Faith and I served together as board members of the BVA for 9 years, 1989 - 1997. Among the many things Faith did for me was to introduce me to raising chickens. We also worked together supporting the Wertheim Refuge, and she got me interested in Brookhaven hamlet's history, showed me where the cemeteries were, and, right up until her 80s, helped maintain them. She also introduced me to all of her friends and family. 


Here are some pictures of Faith through her 94 years of life in Brookhaven hamlet:


[In following photo, Faith McCutchen was Faith Champlin at the time.  Year was 1938, not 1936]

Faith, Phebe and Geoffrey McCutcheon 1935:



Faith's childhood home:


Oil painting of Faith by her grandfather Malcolm Fraser: