Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Burnett Barn Fire Followup

Tuesday Morning, January 19, 2010—I did not stay to the bitter end at the fire scene Monday night, but Tuesday morning pretty well reveal the inevitable.

Photo by Marty Van Lith

I believe that is Jen Puleston Clement examining the scene. In the background is the Hawkins Barn, carefully restored by Tom & Ellen Williams.

Photo by Marty Van Lith

The following is a digitally enhanced picture taken as I approached the scene from across the farm field from the Rowley's backyard. While it doesn't show much detail, and the fire department is already applying large quantities of water, the extent of fire involvement is obvious.

Photo by John Deitz

Finally, a pen and ink sketch of "The Red Barn" by nearby neighbor Ann Wiswall:

One correspondent said the fire brought back memories of the Phillips barn fire of several decades ago (the house at 334 Beaver Dam Road.). Does anyone remember when this fire actually occurred?

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