Saturday, April 23, 2011

Stop the Sludge Coalition

From: "STS. [Stop the Sludge] Brookhaven"
Date: April 22, 2011 11:15:29 AM EDT
Subject: Follow-up to last night's meeting

Good Morning,

Just following up on last night’s STS Coalition meeting. Two of the photographs that are attached were taken at the landfill approximately two weeks ago. They are installing new diesel fuel tanks for Town use inside the landfill, by the recycling area. The third photograph was taken from the Town Council’s Conference room on the 3rd floor at Town Hall.

The Executive Board held a productive meeting with Councilwoman Kepert on April 15th. She will prepare a resolution for the creation of a Landfill Advisory Board. We preliminarily compiled a list of organizations that will be appointed to the Advisory Board. In addition we are also reaching out to others with special expertise. Some of these individuals and/or agencies include: Larry Swanson; Ed Hubbard, S.C. Health Dept., BNL, DEC (Air Quality), EPA, as well as someone from SC Leg. Kate Browning’s office. We will be refining this list and identifying specific representatives from each organization as well as drafting purpose, goals and tasks of this board, after our meeting with Supervisor Lesko next week.

We discussed hosting a public meeting for all residents from the surrounding communities. We are tentatively looking at June2nd at 7 PM for this meeting. We need to confirm with our elected officials that they are available. A brief outline of an agenda was discussed. At our next meeting we will finalize these plans.
Our next meeting is scheduled for Thursday, April 28th at 7:30 PM. We will report on our meeting with Supervisor Lesko, finalize the list of appointments to the Landfill Advisory Board, and the agenda for the public meeting.

Last night we were asked to distribute the list of questions we were “required” to submit before Supervisor Lesko would schedule a meeting with us. The email correspondence has been inserted below.
Finally, just a bit of housekeeping information. During the process of forming the STS Coalition, we distributed information to our members on the list-serve. One of our initial messages was forwarded to someone outside of our Coalition – who then forwarded to someone else and so on. This provided access to our email contact information – which for many is a “personal” email account. For a handful of us we were besieged with emails. Having realized what occurred, it was determined that all future emails to our list-serve would be distributed as Bcc. Our current list-serve has grown considerably since the initial un-intentional released list. We are taking every precaution to protect our contact database. We just wanted to clarify for all that when you receive an email from, that information is being distributed to all on our list-serve. If any member of our Coalition wishes to distribute information to the list-serve, you can forward it to us and we will disburse your information. Hope this explains why our emails appear to be addressed to the individual recipient.
We wish everyone a Happy Easter and/or Happy Passover!

Dear Brain,

Thank you for agreeing to arrange a meeting between the STS Coalition executive board and Supervisor Lesko. As you requested, below you will find the questions and topics we are seeking to discuss. I look forward to hearing from you so that we can schedule this important meeting.

. Creating an advisory or liaison community based board to work with the Town in matters regarding the landfill. The objective is to enhance communication and allow for community involvement.

2. STS would like to have clarity on financial information regarding the landfill. Much has been said in the press but we would prefer to better understand the Town’s numbers and budget. Such questions include
· What amount of funds does the landfill generate per year for the Town Budget?
· What is the breakdown on the gross income projected for the landfill? How much revenue is generated from C&D, Ash, recycling, yard material, etc?
· Can you provide last year’s budget for the landfill – with the actual numbers for income and expenses and a breakdown of both?
· Does the Town have long term projects of income for the landfill? If so, what are they?
· Can our budget discussion include general operating and maintenance costs?

3. STS wants to discuss Cell 6 and Cell 7. This discussion would include such topics as
· When will Cell 6 close?
· When will Cell 7 open?
· How many phases of 7 are being planned?
· How will Cell 7 be used?
· What is the expected lifetime of this cell?

4. STS wants to discuss any future plans or ideas for reducing the Town’s solid waste. For instance, there was a “pay as you throw” committee and we are not sure what happened with that work.

Adrienne Esposito
Executive Director
Citizens Campaign for the Environment

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