Thursday, November 24, 2011

Brookhaven Hamlet History Quiz

Brookhaven Hamlet History Quiz

Here's a challenge from the students in the Bellport High School History Club! It's time to get out your history books and visit the library for a little research on local history (or visit Search for the correct answers and return the completed Hamlet History Quiz for your chance to win the 1st, 2nd or 3rd prize. Members of the History Club will select the winners at their January, 2012 meeting. You can submit your answers to the BVA website ( or at the Hamlet History Quiz box in the Brookhaven Free Library.

Entries are welcome from individuals, a family or a class in the South Country Central School District. Winners and the correct answers will be announced on the BVA website in January. Good luck and have fun learning some local history!

•  What was the original name of Mott Lane?

•  This publisher of the Long Island Advance had his house down on Beaver Dam Road, by the landing.

•   Frank Forrester (pen name, Henry William Herbert) had been in South Haven with Daniel Webster in 1827. What famous artwork are they portrayed in?

•  Until 1871, Brookhaven Village was known as ...?

•  Name three famous magazine publishers who resided in Brookhaven?

•  How did Brookhaven get its name?

•  What are the boundary lines for Brookhaven Hamlet

•  Who is the artist/sculptor who had a summer home and studio on Beaver Dam Road?

•  What resident of Brookhaven designed the US postage stamp, "Atoms for Peace"?

•   He was the President of the American Institute of Architecture and had a large estate on Bellhaven Road. Who is he?

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