Friday, February 6, 2009

More Caithness money awarded

Citizens Advisory Committee doles out $110,400
Fire Place History Club and Brookhaven Village Association receive grants.

The Fire Place History Club in Brookhaven Hamlet has been awarded $11,000 for the restoration of seven historic cemeteries.  Professional stonemasons will replace and fix damaged and broken stones in the cemeteries.  In addition, the Brookhaven Village Association has received $5,000 to continue their program of replacing dying and damaged trees throughout Brookhav3n Hamlet in public spaces and along roadways.

The grants were among those approved by the Broohaven Town board to disburse $110,400 of the Caithness Host Community Benefits Package. 

The Fire Place History Club is an informal association of community members interested in preserving the cultural heritage of the Brookhaven and South Haven Hamlets.  One of their principal projects has been conserving and restoring some 20 family burying grounds within the two hamlets, some dating to the Colonial era.  See Cemeteries for additional information.

The grant requests were presented by the Post-Morrow Foundation on behalf of the history club.

More information on these grants may be found at the Long Island Advance, February 5, 2009.  Other stories on the activities of the Fire Place History Club may be found in this blog.

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