Thursday, January 8, 2009

Bring Back Wild Dogs or maybe wolves

From today's L.I. Advance, From the Archives of the Long Island Advance, 75 Years Ago:

" While motoring along South Country Road near Yaphank Avenue a short time ago, Norman F. Nelson Jr. saw a young deer emerge from the woods followed by two dogs, one of which was attacking the deer's haunches. Mr. Nelson left his car and advanced toward the dogs with a stick. To his surprise, the deer rushed towards him, to within 10 feet, apparently fearing him less than the dogs. Then it bounded across the road and escaped its pursuers. Deer used to be a common sight in the Southaven woods, but few have been reported recently."

There are two items of modern (2009) interest — deer are now plentiful and a nuisance; dogs running wild are rare. My contention is that one of the reasons for the proliferation of deer is that dogs are no longer allowed to run wild. 

A neighbor has suggested "It's wolves, not wild dogs, you want to bring back. They've been successfully reintroduced many places out west. Can you imagine the howling (from the public) if you suggested that for Wertheim [Wildlife Refuge]? "

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