Friday, January 2, 2009

Composition by Irene Hawkins dated January 20, 1880

Marty Van Lith found an interesting composition by then 15-year Irene Hawkins at the Post Morrow Foundation.  Neat handwriting, bright kid.  The last sentence of the composition on the second page is on top of the page.

Legend reads:
"Composition by Irene Hawkins dated January 20, 1880.  Gift of Mr. and Mrs. Cherrington to the Brookhaven Free Library in 1983.  They received it from Ernest Hawkins, nephew to Irene Hawkins.
"Irene Hawkins was born in 1865, became a teacher in the Brookhaven School, later married the principal, Jesse Johnson, and resided in her family home (now #311 Beaver Dam Road)."

The link is to Irene's data sheet in the site Hamlet People Database, where a link to the essay may be found.

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