Monday, January 5, 2009

1983 Brookhaven History Talk Rediscovered

Thanks again to Marty van Lith, a 1983 talk given by Janet Reddall and Alfred Nelson to the Brookhaven Free Library Association has been rediscovered and posted on the Brookhaven/South Haven web site.  In the talk, Janet and Al recall the community they knew in the early 20th century.  Their remembrances provide human faces to many of the families, residences and events of the time.

Janet Ewing Reddall was 82 at the time of the talk.  She died in 1995.  Alfred Nelson was 80; he died in 1988.

I have annotated the text with hyperlinks to pages about individuals and buildings where additional information may be found.

We are fortunate that the talk was transcribed for the Library Association by Regina David, a Library trustee and my neighbor.

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