Saturday, November 7, 2009

More Work at the Carman/Miller Cemetery

It's taking a lot longer than we anticipated readying the Carmans/Miller cemetery for the split-rail fence. Diane, Ron, Eben and Marty spent another two hours on Friday removing logs, small hills, fence poles and leveling the two Miller headstones plus several foot stones. Ron and I will go back on Monday to remove a few more small trees, I think then we'll ask for the fence to be delivered. Here's what the scene looked like today- 

The below is in the Miller portion of the cemetery where the usual suspects leveled two mounds of dirt from uprooted trees:

We bought some crushed concrete with us, and a level, and straightened out the Miller stones:


In clearing out the debris from where the barbed wired fence was I found the missing piece to Warren's headstone:

Ron dug all the way to China trying to dislodge Anson Hard's fence pole (installed 80 years ago) to no avail-


At the end of the day there was a big pile of logs and brush and a cemetery that hasn't seen the light of day in many years: 


If only Sam's Club (Sam Carman's Inn, that is) were still in business we could have gone across the street to wet our whistle.



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