Sunday, May 9, 2010

Summer II Cemetery Restoration Projects Resume

All the stars are in alignment and we're about to begin year 2 using our Caithness Host Community Benefit grant money to restore the David Hawkins, Richard Corwin and, hopefully, the Barteau, cemeteries. For the David Hawkins Cemetery I have obtained a special use permit, as well as a key to get in, from the USF&WS covering the period May 12 - 21. I'll be meeting with Hollis first thing Wednesday morning, hopefully the cemetery isn't too overgrown. If it is I may need to call on whoever is available to do a quick clean up. The Corwin Cemetery is not a problem because the homeowner in front of the cemetery, Jeff Bland, is giving us his total support. As for the Barteau cemetery, everything depends upon Judge Tannebaum.

We have plenty of money to repair all three cemeteries. Hollis' estimate for David Hawkins is $2,600 and for Corwin $880. We have $5,235 left from the original $11,000 grant, so if the Hawkins and Corwin cemeteries come in as estimated we'll have $2,243 available to repair the Barteau cemetery, should we ever find it beneath the growth.

On the subject of cemeteries, the County, bless their souls, removed the debris we placed in front of the South Haven Church cemetery. But the Town, cuss their souls, hasn't done a thing. Although it's not too bad yet, we'll probably have to drag a lawnmower there soon.

Here are some pictures I took yesterday of the South Haven Church Cemetery.
Marty Van Lith


Unknown said...

I believe I have ancestors in this cemetery I have done extensive research lately and would LOVE to gain access to these cemetery's. How can I help?

John said...

Additional information on Brookhaven and South Haven cemeteries may be found at

Or you may call 631-286-3178.