Sunday, February 5, 2012

16 Annual Brookhaven Hamlet Winter Tea

16th Annual
Winter Tea

Poetry, Prose and Music
Honoring the memory of our friend
John Binnington

Sunday, February 5th, 2012

Brookhaven Free Library
Brookhaven, NY

This much anticipated annual Brookhaven hamlet event had as its theme Contemplation ... Commemoration ...Celebration.  In particular the focus was on the 100th anniversary of the Brookhaven Free Library and the Fireplace Literary Club.  As usual, the little library was packed.

Readers: Mary Hamilton Hawkes, Daniel Love, Jane Love, Debbie Mayo, Craig Nurnberer, and Kathleen Scheibel.
Musicians: Matt & Sam Gelfer, Reiny Schuhmann, and Charlie Setlow;
The Swingettes: Diana Foster, Jean Johnston, Deborah Love, Patsy Rogers, Karen Rowley, and Karen Wexler.

The program:

All the World's a Stage William Shakespeare
The Swingettes Recorder ensemble
        Gimme a Little Kiss  R. Turk/J. Smith/M. Pinkard.  Arranged for recorders by Stan Davis
         You Made Me Love You J. Monaco/J. McCarthy.  Arranged for recorders by Stan Davis
        I Cant Give You Anything But Love J. McHugh/D. Fields.  Aranged for recorders by Stan Davis
Because of Libraries We Can Say These Things Naomi Shihab Nye
Valentine for Ernest Mann Naomi Shihab Nye
The Keys to Love Robert M. Millay
If I Ever Did Thomas R. Dudley
The Times They Are a Changing Bob Dylan
Still Crazy After All These Years Paul Simon
The Day the Saucers Came Neil Gaiman
The Candle Hat Billy Collins
Death of the Hat Billy Collins
In Praise of Libraries Various Library Fans
On a Winger Night Kathleen Scheibel
On the Sunny Side of the Street J. McHugh/D. Fields
The Green Grass All Around W. Jerome/H. Von Tilzer with additional lyrics by Setlow/Schuhmann

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