Wednesday, February 22, 2012

As the World Turns

This month marks the first anniversary of the formation of the Brookhaven Community Coalition. As a result the land fill odors have gotten worse.   The Landfill Liaison Committee  met with Brookhaven Town Supervisor last Thursday  (The BBC is the executive committee of the LLC). 

They  arrived with our usual agenda of stopping air pollution, slowly weaning the Town off accepting Construction & Demolition debris (which is 1/3 of yearly total and what is causing the odors) and planning for the eventual closing of the Brookhaven Landfill.  We ended the meeting needing smelling salts to revive us. 

Lesko was nasty from the get-go, then wasted an hour having his commissioner explain the latest landfill technology. The meeting ended with Lesko saying that the the Town is broke (mortgage revenue down, economy, blah, blah) and in order not to raise taxes, cut services and to save 90 patronage jobs he needed more money from the landfill.  He said that he got permission from the FAA to make the garbage mountain higher. He also wants to make it bigger by expanding eastward and is planning to ask the DEC to modify the Town permit so that he can take in more than the current 2,900 tons a day as well as to accept more than the current one million metric tons/yr and to continue to operate for the next 30 years. 

How's that for progress?  

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