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FW: Demand Removal of Air Quality Destructors Today!

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Subject: Demand Removal of Air Quality Destructors Today!


Citizens Campaign for the Environment
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URGENT: Call TODAY, Demand Removal of Air Quality Destructors at the Brookhaven Landfill

Four Incinerators Located at the Brookhaven Landfill are Polluting Our  Air and Causing Public Health Concerns

If you think you have recently seen it rain ash or snow at night in Brookhaven, you are not far from wrong.  Massive brush burning at Brookhaven Landfill is the source.

FEMA has provided Suffolk County with 4 Air Curtain Destructors (AKA Air Quality Destroyers).  These small but powerful incinerators are here to burn wood and vegetated debris from Sandy.  But they produce fine particulate matter that is spreading over Brookhaven residents. Fine particulate matter causes damage to our lungs, heart and respiratory systems.

They need to be shut down and removed - we need your help today!

Monitoring results from a November EPA pilot program in Brooklyn, at a location that used one of these incinerators, shows one unit can produce 24.24 micrograms of fine particulate matter. Four units in one location could far exceed the EPA’s health-based standard for fine particles! This is unacceptable, especially in a community that has already been overburdened by Long Island’s waste management crisis.


Take Action Now!
Make four quick phone calls to critical leaders on the Federal, State, County, and Town levels and demand that the incinerators be shut down immediately. Your phone calls are very important, and every single one counts. Your help is urgently needed today!

o   Congressman Tim Bishop: (631) 289-6500

o   DEC Regional Director Peter Scully: (631) 444-0345

o   Suffolk County Executive Steve Bellone: (631) 853-4000

o   Brookhaven Town Supervisor Ed Romaine: (631) 451-9100

Phone call tips:

  1. State your name and address.
  2. Tell them how incinerators at Brookhaven Landfill are destroying air quality and making people sick!
  3. Demand that they take action immediately to remove the incinerators.

And, please remember to send us a quick email letting us know you took action and how it went.

Thank you for taking action. Together we make a difference!


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Tara Bono
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