Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Azel Hawkins Cemetery headstones repaired. Azel Hawkins Cemetery

From: Martin VanLith
Subject: Azel Hawkins Cemeterry headstones repaired

More on Azel Hawkins Cemetery here:  http://brookhavensouthhaven.org/HamletPeople/tng/showmap.php?cemeteryID=16&tree=

Pix: Hollis and George at the Azel Hawkins cemetery this morning -

 Note the good job the Town is doing in maintaining the grass -

 This is Matthew Woodruff's headstone (from Woodruff Family Cemetery, see later post). The middle section had disintegrated. We were going to lay the pieces flat in gravel like we did at the Rose cemetery but Hollis bought it back to his shop, cut and glued the two solid pieces together to make it like this-  

The crumbled mid-section of the stone will be left at the base of the headstone.

 More pictures of the repaired Woodruff cemetery to follow later today when Hollis is done. 


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janifer said...

very nice job you have done.like it.