Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Brookhaven Library Centennial

Community Celebrates

On May 6, 1912, 20,000 suffrage supporters marched in New York city, and a half-million supporters lined the streets.  Six day later 27 women of Brookhaven and South Haven Hamlets met at the home of Helen Child on South Country road to hear a talk by suffrage proponet Ruth Litt of East Patchogue and New York city.  This meeting was summarized as follows:  ". . . Some of our residents felt that we needed something to bring us together in this quiet place. . . .   Several of those meeting there that day were ardent suffragettes; and since woman suffrage was filling the minds of many, it was proposed that a suffrage club be formed.  Others desired a library club which would meet the needs of more residents, both of the young and old.  So it was definitely decided to form a Library Club . . . .

100th Anniversary
NYS Assemblyman Dean Murray, Brookhaven Town Councilperson Connie Kepert,
Library Director Kathleen Scheibel,  & NYS Senator Lee Zeldin
It was from that meeting, 100 years ago, that the Brookhaven hamlet library was formed, now known as the Brookhaven Free Library.  The club that formed became known as the Fireplace Literary Club, and is still active today.
This past Sunday, the library celebrated its centenial year with a lawn party.

Brookhaven Village Association Historian Marty Van Lith prepared a unattended presentation on the history of the Brookhaven Free Library.  To view this presentation (pdf format), click HERE.

The library is noted for its children's programs.  Childeren's games
were an important part of the celebration

More on the Brookhaven Free Library may be found HERE.  At the time the present page was first published, the library's site included additional pictures of the celebration.

The Town of Brookhaven also included an article on their public information page—click HERE

100th Anniversary
Anita Cohen authored a pamphlet on the history of the
library.  Marty Van Lith, historian for the Brookhaven
Village Association, researched much of the material
 (along with John Deitz, not pictured.) 
Copies of this booklet are available at the library.

"Chief" Michael Verni of the Shady Grove Antique Fire Company,
Library Director Kathleen Scheibel, Fireplace Literary Club President Jane Love

Bob Brown & Genie David

Don David & Thaddeus ONeal

Diane Hall & Rev. Tom Phillip
In background, Centennial Quilt made by community members.

Two women—one representing the 27 who founded the Brookhaven library in 1912 and one reflecting cultural trends of 2012—find common ground reading in front of the library's fireplace.  Artist Barry Rockwell created this charming artwork to commemorate the centennial of the Brookhaven Free Library, located in Brookhaven hamlet, Long Island, New York, where he lives and works.  Numbered and signed prints of his painting are available at the library.

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