Saturday, May 12, 2012

Brookhaven Town Politics Threaten the Future of Carman's River

Much has been said and written a
Much has been said and written about the Carmans River Plan, yet even though I've been following it since its inception it's still complicated and confusing to me and apparently most others, too.

Last Saturday I spent several hours with the senior editor of the Long Island Press, Spencer Rumsey, in a canoe touring a small part of the river. Below are the articles that came, in small part, from that interview. I think it's the best analysis I have seen to date.

--Marty van Lith

I too find the Carman's River preservation story convoluted and Machiavellian -- typical of our dysfunctional Brookhaven Town government and its leaders.  I believe that Rumsey has done a better job than any other media attempts in presenting the sad depressing story of the likely loss of a great community asset -- both locally, to the Town as a whole, and to all of Long Island.   Well worth visiting the full article at

Maybe the picture should be titled "River Losers" not "River Keepers."

Note that Rumsey's article is 4 pages in length (paging is at bottom of each segment).  Comments by those interviewed and readers are posted at the end, and are an important adjunct.

-- Hamlet Reporter

Brookhaven Politics Threaten The Future of Carmans River

By  on May 10th, 2012

Maybe the title should be "River Loosers", not "River Keepers."

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