Friday, September 14, 2012

Yaphank, NY "Brookhaven Rail Terminal: Rural India Supporting Trust

From: Richard Thomas
Sent: Friday, September 14, 2012 1:11 AM

Subject: Rural India Supporting Trust

The "Rural India Supporting Trust, Indu Rawat Trustee," has the same address (38955 Hills Tech Dr, Farmington Hills, MI) as the company that makes the 5-Hour Energy drink, and the same address as Oakland Transportation Holdings LLC and Brookhaven Terminal Operations LLC.

You can also see the charity's Income Tax filing.  The latest, for 2010, was filed in August 2011. 

In 2009, the charity had $623,708,909.00 in contributions.  In 2010, there were no contributions received, but the charity made $56,795,492.00 in investment income and $364,297,004.00 income from "sales of assets other than inventory."

Indu Rawat is the Trustee and K. Pathak, SN Kumar Sharma, and Madhu Aswal are directors.

I now know how "Oakland Transportation Holdings" got its name. 

Farmington Hills, Michigan, is in Oakland County.

Here are some companies that have the same address in Farmington Hills, Michigan:

        Rural India Supporting Trust, Indu Rawat Trustee

        Innovation Ventures, LLC (established in 2000, incorporated in Michigan)
        Living Essentials, LLC (established in 2008, incorporated in Michigan) --- the makers of 5-Hour Energy
        ETC Capital, LLC (Ted Mills, Managing Director; Alan Gocha, Managing Director)
        Michigan One Funding LLC (Ted Mills, registered agent, 03/06/2009)
        Micro Dose Life Sciences

        Oakland Law Group Pllc

        Nevada Challenger LLC (owns the company aircraft)

        Pikeville Leasing, LLC
        Millard Leasing, LLC dba Black Rock Coal, LLC

        Oakland Transportation Holdings LLC
        GTR Leasing, LLC (Ted Mills, Managing Director)
        GTR Leasing Investment One, LLC (Ted Mills, registered agent, 03/03/2009)
        US Rail Holdings (established 2009)
        US Rail of NY LLC (Ted Mills, President; Leslie E. Savoye, General Manager, )
        Brookhaven Rail LLC
        Brookhaven Terminal Operations LLC (09/2011)
        Brookhaven Rail Freight Services LLC (Articles of Organization filed 09/12/2011 in New York State, but address Farmington Hills, MI)
        Brookhaven Eastern Holdings LLC (registered agent: Oakland Law Group, 08/24/2011, filing state: NY; qualifying state: MI)
The only company not in Michigan seems to be Nevada 5, Inc., which has a 98% equity interest in Oakland Transportation Holdings LLC and controls the Brookhaven companies.

Nevada 5 Inc. was formed 04/01/2009, and all the officers (president, secretary, treasurer, and director) are Manoj Bhargava, 38955 Hills Tech Drive, Farmington Hills, MI.

The address of Nevada 5 Inc. is 6100 Neil Road Suite 500, Reno, NV,  and the address of its registered agent is the Corporation Trust Company, 311 S Division St, Carson City, NV, which is just the address for "service of process."  Actually, both addresses appear to be merely for "service of process."


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